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The Influence of Using Teens Magazine Medium Toward The Students’ Grammar Mastery at The Seventh Grade of Junior High School 5 Metro

Susilowati, Tri (2017) The Influence of Using Teens Magazine Medium Toward The Students’ Grammar Mastery at The Seventh Grade of Junior High School 5 Metro. Undergraduate thesis, IAIN Metro.

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THE INFLUENCE OF USING TEENS MAGAZINE MEDIUM TOWARD THE STUDENTS’ GRAMMAR MASTERYAT THE SEVENTH GRADE OFJUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 5 METROABSTRACTBy:TRI SUSILOWATIGrammar has an important role in all aspects of language skills that is important to study, because without enough grammar mastery, the ability to writing cannot be established and the learners will find many difficulties if they are lack of grammar. Therefore, the teacher has to create or use of medium that is able to raise the motivation of students to learn structure grammar. Medium is the way that is used by the teacher to match the students with material. One of the medium in teaching is teens magazine. Teens magazine can be used in teaching and learning activity in order to make the students interested and enjoyable in English learning, especially in learning grammar so that enrich their knowledge. In fact, the writer found that the students’ grammar mastery of seventh grade of Junior High School 5 Metro is still low, it’s caused by teacher has not used yet the effective medium in teaching grammar. The purpose of this thesis is to know the influence of teens magazine medium on the students’ English grammar.

This research was quantitative research. Technique sampling used to determine the amount of sample was cluster radom sampling. In data collecting of the writer applied method of test, observation, and documentation. The subject of study is the seventh grade students of Junior High School 5 in VII D consists of 27 students. To get the data, the writer has given written tests to students that is pre-test and post-test. After getting the data, the writer calculated using T-test. The result of this study shows that on the standard of significant 1% or 5%. The ttableshows 2,064in 5% and2,798in 1%,while tobservedis 6,10.

The result of data interpretation shows tobservedis higher than ttable,so, 2,064<6,10 > 2,798. It means that there is influence of using teens magazine medium on grammar mastery.

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