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The Use of Whispering Gameto Increase The Students’ Vocabulary Mastery at The Eighth Graders of SMPN 1 Punggur Central Lampung

Soviana, Wiji (2017) The Use of Whispering Gameto Increase The Students’ Vocabulary Mastery at The Eighth Graders of SMPN 1 Punggur Central Lampung. Undergraduate thesis, IAIN Metro.

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Teaching vocabulary is the first step that should be considered by the teachers so that vocabulary can be used by students in the instructions of the all aspects, including listening, speaking, writing, and reading, because learning vocabulary plays important role in foreign language. Learning vocabulary would be easier to teach when is supported with the technique. In teaching and learning process, whispering game is a technique that can be used to increase students' English vocabulary.The objective of this research is to know whether the whispering game can increase the vocabulary mastery in teaching learning process. The object of this research was thirty five students ateighth gradersVIII.8 ofSMPN 1Punggur Central Lampung. This research was done in two cycles. Each cycles is done in three meetings. Each cycle is consist of planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. In collecting data, the researcher uses test, the namely are pre-test and post-test, documentation, observation, and field note. The purposes of pre-test and post-test are to know the students vocabulary mastery before and being given the treatment.

The result in cycle I showed that the average percentage of active students 50% and in the cycle 2 is 80%. Meanwhile the average of post-test in cycle 2 is higher than Pre-test and post test in cycle 1. Post-test 2 show that there is an increase from Pre-test and post-test 1. The average pre-test is 53.1 and the post-test is 74.9. So there is progress 21.8 points. It is clear that based on the result pre-test and post-test, it can be said that whispering gamehas positive increase in learning vocabulary. By using whispering gameas technique, the students are interested and motivated in following the class. So they enjoy doing the task. It also makes them easier in studying the material. Referring to the result of the students score above, it can be said that whispering game has increase towards the students vocabulary mastery.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Subjects: Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
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