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An Error Analysis on The Use of Word Order in Recount Made Students’ of SMK N 3 Metro

Malasari, Desi (2017) An Error Analysis on The Use of Word Order in Recount Made Students’ of SMK N 3 Metro. Undergraduate thesis, IAIN Metro.


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This research is conducted on the basis of the result of observation in the tenth grade of SMK N 3 Metro. The problemsfound in the students writing recount are the error in usingword order. Based on the observation, it needs to be investigated what are the real problem faced in the real setting.The problem that the writer take in this research is in the error of using word order. The aim of this research is to know what word order errors are in the recount text from Fashion Design class A. A qualitative descriptive is used to approach the data. The writer took 10 students as her purposive sample. The data were collected by observation, interview and documentation.Regarding to the process of researching, the writer firstly, collected the text of student writing recount text taken from 10 students of the Tenth Grade in SMK N 3 Metro. Then, the writer observe them by finding the error of using word order. In addition the mistake were catagorized into two types namely declarative sentence and noun phrase. In declarative sentence, word order errors are visible in the omission of subject, predicate or object and the wrong composition of sentence constituent. Whereas in word order distribution, the error occurred in the arrangement of modifier + head noun.After that the writer displayed all the result of her findings. The result of analysis illustrared the frequency of the error in using word order, declarative sentence 32%, and noun phrase 68%.In conclution, there are still many errors in using word order of the tenth grade student of Fashion Design in SMK N 3 Metro. Beside that,the dominant factor that caused the error is carelessness in which the students still confuse and do not have motivation to learn English.

Key Words: Word Order and Recount Text

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Subjects: Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
Divisions: Fakultas Tarbiyah dan Ilmu Kependidikan > Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
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