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An Analysis on Multicultural Dimension in Instructional Materials of English Text Books For 11th Grade Students of Senior High School

Susilo, Rachmad (2018) An Analysis on Multicultural Dimension in Instructional Materials of English Text Books For 11th Grade Students of Senior High School. Undergraduate thesis, IAIN Metro.

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Multicultural education emphasizes a viewpoint of plurality in the education system. Thus, it is closely related among cultural learning and language learning.On the other side, pluralism evokes contradictive effect. This case isassumed by different ideology, culture, idea, and ethnic. Moreover, an unexpected fact of these incidents involvesthe students on this conflict. Many factors can be submitted as a cause of it, but the most essential factor is the failure to respond the diversity or pluralism wisely. Therefore, the main purpose of this research is to figure out the multicultural dimension which presents in instructional materials of English textbooks for 11thgrade students of Senior High School and to describe feasibility of content in the textbooks. In this research, the researcher conducted a descriptive-qualitative. The first data of thisresearch were taken from Bahasa Inggris Textbook, Pathway to English Textbook, and Bahasa Inggris Textbook. The data were collected by documentation. While, the second data were collected from a questionnaire and interview administrated to 4 English teachers of Senior High School. In addition, Cresswell model was used to analyze the data which had been collected.

The resultof the research showsthat, fromthefivemulticultural dimensions, the dimension of contentintegration is dominantfound in allof the English textbooks. The findings show that there are 118 items (86%) of content integration, 15 items (11%) of knowledge construction process, and 4 items (3%) of prejudice reduction. Related to the feasibility of content in the textbook, from the recapitulation 4 respondents of questionnaire and interview, shows that the most respondents agree with the feasibility of content in the textbook is influenced by several aspects: the importance of textbook, types of textbook, function of textbook, instructional aspect of textbook, the concept of multicultural education, and the dimension of multicultural education. Few teachers disagree that the textbook may be used regardless of the competence of student’s knowledge (75%), the textbook basically only help teacher in the learning process (50%), and teacher may use textbook without teaching multicultural insights (75%).Keywords:Multicultural dimension, instructional materials, textbook.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Subjects: Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
Divisions: Fakultas Tarbiyah dan Ilmu Kependidikan > Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
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