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An Error Analysis on The Abstract of Students’ Undergraduate Thesis

Azmi, Muhammad Ulul (2016) An Error Analysis on The Abstract of Students’ Undergraduate Thesis. Undergraduate thesis, STAIN Jurai Siwo.


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Scientific writing is one of English for Specific Purposes which is believedas a difficult thing. It needs some important elements scientifically influencing itsquality. Abstract is one ofimportant elements which should be given moreattention. Abstract is a piece of writing which gives summary and information tothe readers about scientific writing’s content. However, some scientific writersconsider that writing an abstract is not an easy thing.Based on pre-survey data,the writer found that some of the students hadless attention to use good grammatical aspects in writing abstract.While,grammatical aspects were required in writing the abstract.Then,the problemwhich the writer hadoutlined in this research largely dealtwith the study ofgrammaticalerror.Accordingly, the main purpose of this research was to figureout the grammatical errors which appeared in the abstract of students’undergraduate thesis of English Education StudyProgram of State IslamicCollege of Jurai Siwo Metro in the year of 2014.

The primary data of this research were taken from thirty abstracts ofstudents’ undergraduate thesis of English Education Study Program in StateIslamic College of Jurai Siwo Metro in the year of 2014.The data were collected byobservation and documentation. Moreover, they werecategorized,decoded, analyzeddeeply and represented by qualitative descriptive.In addition, Creswell model wasused to analyze the datawhich had been collected.

The analysis presented here showed that the students’ knowledge ofgrammatical aspects was still needed to be improved. After analyzing thisphenomenon, there were31 items (10%) of addition errors, 76 items (23%) of omissionerrors, 213 items (65%) of misformation errors, and 5 items (2%) of misordering errorsinthe abstract of students’ undergraduate thesis. From this result,it can be concludedthat there are still many grammatical errorsappearingin the abstracts, in which the errorsof misformation are the most errors made by the students.

Keywords:Scientific writing, abstract, grammatical errors.

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