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Improving Reading Comprehension Abilityin Narrative Text by Using Strategy DRTA Among The Eighth Graders of SMP N 2 Kotagajah in The Academic Year of 2016/2017

Ratnawati, . (2017) Improving Reading Comprehension Abilityin Narrative Text by Using Strategy DRTA Among The Eighth Graders of SMP N 2 Kotagajah in The Academic Year of 2016/2017. Undergraduate thesis, IAIN Metro.

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The purpose of this study is to use of a strategy. Strategy is one way that isused by the teacher to apply a method in teaching and learning process in order tomake the students understand about the materials. So, as a teacher should be ableto help the students to comprehend the material by providing the appropriatestrategy in teaching and learning process. Therefore, to increase the studentsreading comprehension, the researcher provided an efficient and effectivestrategy, that is Direct Reading Thinking Activity. Direct Reading ThinkingActivity is used to get specific information of the text. This strategy is expected beable to improve the students’ reading comprehension ability. In fact, the teacherhas not used yet the effective strategy in reading lesson, it caused the students’reading comprehension is low. This condition which is the researcher found at theeighth grade of students at SMP N 2 Kotagajah.

In this case, the researcher conducted classroom action research (CAR). Inthis research, the researcher conducted the research in two cycles. Each cycleexisted the other has relationship. They are including planning, action,observation, and reflection. The subject of this research was 36 at the eighth gradeof students at SMP N 2 Kotagajah. In collecting data, the researcher used the test,observation, and documentation. The tests consist of pre-test and post-test. Thepurposes of pre-test and post-test are to know how far the students’ readingcomprehension ability before and after being given the treatment.

The result of pre-test and post-test show that there improves from the pre-test and post-test. The average score of the post-test is higher than pre-test. Theaverage score of pre-test is 8,3, then the average score of post-test I is 38,9, andthe average score of post-test II is 75, so that there is progress of the average’sscore from the tests. The progress occurred from pre-test to the post-test cycle I,there is increase for about 30,6 points and from the post-test cycle I to the pot-testcycle II, there is increase for about 36,1 points. It is clear that by using DirectReading Thinking Activity as the strategy of teaching and learning process, thestudents will be able to improve their reading comprehension ability.

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