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Implementasi Metode Resitasi Dalam Pembelajaran Bidang Studi Qur’an Hadits di Madrasah Aliyah Ma’arif Roudhotut Tholibin Metro

Murtasiah, Dewi (2017) Implementasi Metode Resitasi Dalam Pembelajaran Bidang Studi Qur’an Hadits di Madrasah Aliyah Ma’arif Roudhotut Tholibin Metro. Masters thesis, STAI Jurai Siwo.

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The evaluation process of learning in school is very important andinseparable from teaching and learning activities. The success of a teacher toeducate their students not only evidenced by the scores given to students ofcognitive abilities but also of the realization that embodied the attitude of self-awareness of learners themselves. The teachers also be chosen of evaluation form inthe process of Qur'an Hadits subject that the implementation of the method ofrecitation. Design of assignment method by given the task based way of presenting thelesson material are given to students in the form of group and self alternately ateach meeting to be studied and as the exercise to help students make it easier tounderstand the lesson practiced directly in order to attitude of responsibility to trainthe students.

The focus of this research problem is: how does the ability of teachers toimplementation of learning activities of Qur’an Hadits subject; how the applicationof the method of recitation in teaching learning of Qur’an Hadits subject; Whatkinds of the application of recitation method on the learning evaluation of Qur’anHadits subject; and What kinds of the supporting factors and inhibiting the processof teaching learningof Qur’an Hadits subject at Madrasah Aliyah Ma'ArifRoudhotut Tholibin Metro.

The purpose of this research are to analyze and understand the capabilitiesof teachers to implementation of learning activities of Qur’an Hadits subject, theapplication of the recitation method in the teaching learning, application form of therecitation method in the learning evaluation, the supporting factors and inhibitingthe process of learning activities of Qur’an Hadits subject, in Madrasah AliyahMa'Arif Roudhotut Tholibin Metro.This research used data sources by purposive, determined on the object ofresearch as the primary and secondary data sources. This research is qualitativeresearch. The collected data was analyzed use inductive techniques. The process ofdata collection use three methods of research are the interview, observation anddocumentation methods.

The results of this research are the teachers ability to implementation ofteaching learning of Qur'an Hadits subject has been doing well according asprofessional as a teacher, and recitation method applied in the classroom and havenot given as homework for students who live in boarding school, then theevaluation form of learning is done daily accumulation of values, block and finalexam.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Pascasarjana
Divisions: Pascasarjana > Pendidikan Agama Islam
Depositing User: Saiful Manaf M.Pd.I
Date Deposited: 13 May 2020 06:24
Last Modified: 13 May 2020 06:24

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