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Increasing Speaking Skill Through Think-Pair-Share Technique in Junior High School Labuhan Ratu VIII East Lampung

Asmawati, Leli (2013) Increasing Speaking Skill Through Think-Pair-Share Technique in Junior High School Labuhan Ratu VIII East Lampung. Undergraduate thesis, STAIN Jurai Siwo.

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The goal of teaching speaking is the students can communicate in the targetlanguage. The students find some difficulties in mastering the speaking. Therefore,the teacher expected to be more creative to choose the technique applied in theclassroom.Think-Pair-Share technique is one of the techniques in cooperative learningthat give the students chance to do the task by their selves and also to work togetherin pair to maximize their own and each other’s learning.

This research is aimed to find out whether the Think-Pair-Share technique canincrease the students speaking skill. This research is classroom action research. Theresearch used test, obsevation, documentation and field note to collect the data.The classroom action research was conducted by 2 cycles. There are foursteps in each cycle; they are planning, acting, observing and reflecting. Theresearcher gave one pre test before treatment, two treatments, and two post test. Thesubjects of this action research are the ninthgradersin Junior High School LabuhanRatu VIII East Lampung. This reseach used 32 students as object of research. Theresearcher used average formula to prove whether hypothesis is accepted or rejected.

The research result, it is found that the average score of pre test is 50,16 andthe average of test of cycle 1 is 63,13 in cycle I, its means that the average scoreincreased 13. Based on KKM in Junior High School Labuhan Ratu VIII EastLampung were 70, so the researcher did cycle 2. And in cycle 2 the average score oftest of cycle 2 is 63,13 and the average of post test is 70,16 its means that averagescore increased 7. So, in cycle 2 was success. The using of Think-Pair-Share, as a technique also increases the students’speaking skill in the class. They can share the knowlegde each other so they caneasier to express their idea. From the analysis above it cleared that Think-Pair-Sharetechnique can increase students’ speaking skill especially in the nine graders in JuniorHigh School Labuhan Ratu VIII East Lampung.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Subjects: Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
Divisions: Fakultas Tarbiyah dan Ilmu Kependidikan > Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
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