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Increasing Descriptive Paragraph Writing Skill Through Brainstorming Technique In MTS Muhammadiyah Metro Pusat

Mr, Maharani Patama (2013) Increasing Descriptive Paragraph Writing Skill Through Brainstorming Technique In MTS Muhammadiyah Metro Pusat. Undergraduate thesis, IAIN Metro.

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Descriptive paragraph writing skill is a skill of the student in making descriptive paragraph.It is skill that’s very well, because by this skill, students are able to exploring their ideas in apaper. Moreover, students are often seeing problems to mastering this skill. It caused by severalproblems, such as: teacher have not many various technique to teachwriting skills, the studentshave difficulties to developing their descriptive paragraph writing skill mastery,the studentsuninteresting in studying English, and etc. Therefore, to increase their descriptive paragraphwriting skill, the researcher used brainstorming technique in learning process.

This research was aimed to know the level of writing skill and to finding out the increasingwriting skill in making descriptive paragraph through the brainstorming technique in MTsMuhammadiyah Metro Pusat. It was Classroom Action Research (CAR) with the subject of thisresearch is the students of VIII graders in MTs Muhammadiyah Metro Pusat. And the researcherasked Mrs. Heni Enayati, S.Pd as the collaborator in this research. Then, to collecting data, theresearcher uses: test (pre-test and post-test), observation, and field notes. While, to analyzing thedata, the researcher used deductive descriptive.

The average result score of pre-test and post-test shows that there is progressing score. Theaverage score at pre-test = 62.714, and in post-test I = 66.8, it was increase 4.086 point. Andthen, the average score at post-test II = 72.914 It was increase 6.114 point better than post-test I.While, the percentages of the student’s pass at pre-test = 22.857 %.of total students, and at post-test I = 45.714 %, and then, at post-test II = 85.714 % students who are able passed the exam.Based on the result above, it can be said that brainstorming technique can increase descriptiveparagraph writing skill. This technique makesthe students are interested and motivated in theclass. So that, they are felt so enjoy to doing the task. And, It also makes them easier in studyingthe materials.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Subjects: Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
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