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Increasing Reading Comprehension Skills Through Understanding Sentence at The Students of Muhammadiyah 2 Senior High School of Metro

Pristiwasari, Pungki (2012) Increasing Reading Comprehension Skills Through Understanding Sentence at The Students of Muhammadiyah 2 Senior High School of Metro. Undergraduate thesis, STAIN Jurai Siwo.


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Reading is one of the skills that can not be neglected by learners. This skill is essential in learning English in order to get information from the written English. In this activity the reader should interpret the meaning the texts which interact with her/his prior knowledge combine with visual information with her/ his comprehending.The objectives of this research are to find out whether using Understanding Sentence canimprove the students’ Reading Comprehension. Because there are many students havedifficult to comprehend the text. In this research the writer used one pretest, two treatments and one posttest in one cycleuntil two cycles. The subject is the students of XI IPS Muhammadiyah 2 Senior HighSchool Metro in Academic Year 2011.

In cycle 1, at the first meeting in treatment, there are many students have difficult in getthe information from the text, it can be seen in average of the first treatment there wasabout 50, 83 although there was an increase in the second treatment there are about 65,75. It is mean that there was increase about 14, 92. In this cycle could not say success itbecause the students complete in standard minimum yet. One of the problem be sure thatthe researcher can not control the class, so many students have difficult to focus inlearning process. And when the researcher continued in cycle 2 there was about 66, 50 inthe first statement and 72, 00 in the second treatment, it means that was increase about 5,50.

After the data have been analyzed, it is guided that the average of the pretest is 44, 12 andthe average of posttest is 70, 87. It is mean that there was increased about 25,15 points.In other words there was about 20% the students have not complete in pretest andincreasing about 55% began 75% the students have complete in their post test or morethan half of the students have complete score in their Standard minimum there are 68 It isclearly found that the students have made progress after being given treatment by usingUnderstanding Sentence.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Subjects: Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
Divisions: Fakultas Tarbiyah dan Ilmu Kependidikan > Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
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