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Implementasi pembelajaran Agama Islam pada Peserta didik Muslim di SMP Kristen 2 Bandar Jaya

Khasanah, Nurul (2019) Implementasi pembelajaran Agama Islam pada Peserta didik Muslim di SMP Kristen 2 Bandar Jaya. Masters thesis, IAIN Metro.


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Religion Education is one of the subjects that must be included in the curriculum of every formal education institution in Indonesia. This is because religious life is one dimension of life that is expected tobe realized in an integrated manner with other dimensions of life for each individual citizen. This thesis is designed to conduct research on the fulfillment of Muslim students' rights in obtaining religious education at Bandar Jaya Christian Middle 2. Because basically every education unit on all paths, levels and types of education is obliged to carry out religious education.

Research is a qualitative field research (research research), which is research conducted on the scene or field of occurrence of symptoms. Data sources in this study are primary data sources and secondary data sources. To obtain the data needed in this study, the author uses observation, interview, and documentation techniques. The data analysis techniques in this study are Data Reduction, Data Display and Conclusion.

The results showed that the implementation of religious education in Bandar Jaya Christian Middle School 2 used 2 double curricula, so that the assessment followed 2 different curricula, namely 2013 curriculum and KTSP. The method of teaching PAI teachers at Bandar Jaya Christian Middle 2 uses the method of lecturing, discussion, question and answer, and practice. Referring to Law No.20 of 2003 concerning the National Education System in Article 12 paragraph 1 point a concerning the right of every student to obtain religious education according to his religion and taught by a teacher who is of a religion, the fulfillment of the right to obtain religious education for Muslim students in junior high school Kristen 2 BandarJaya has not been fulfilled optimally. Although there are PAI subjects, they cannot meet the need for religious education. This is because in PAI learning broadly teaches inter-religious tolerance while there is no religion deepening. In addition, at the Christian Middle School 2 Bandar Jaya, PAI subjects are taught by teachers who are Muslim. But the facilities and infrastructure for Muslim students are inadequate.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Pascasarjana
Divisions: Pascasarjana > Pendidikan Agama Islam
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Date Deposited: 18 Jun 2020 04:50
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