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Language Teaching and Learning in Indonesian Islamic Boarding Schools during the Covid-19 Pandemic Era

Sukma, Fivty Travika and Khairunita, Divia and Pradini, Haanii and Septiana, Rosmalita and Andianto, Andianto and Madkur, Ahmad and Irwansyah, Dedi (2021) Language Teaching and Learning in Indonesian Islamic Boarding Schools during the Covid-19 Pandemic Era. Prosiding The 4th International Conference on Linguistics and Language Teaching (4th ICOLLATE) 2021. pp. 256-262.

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English teaching practice in the Covid-19 pandemic era has currently received increased attention
in educational research. Many studies have highlighted the practical changes and cultural changes
of TEFL due to the pandemic, yet such changes remain less explored in Islamic educational context.
The aim of the paper is to document the changes that occur in Indonesian Islamic boarding schools
with a particular focus on: (1) digital literacy, (2) multimodal materials, and (3) Islam moderation
contextualization. The paper presents a case study on four Islamic boarding schools in Lampung
Province, Indonesia. Data were drawn from audio-recorded teacher interviews, field notes, and
documentation. A qualitative analysis of the data revealed the importance of digital literacy
improvement for both students and teachers; the emergent needs of designing multimodal
materials; and the urgency of incorporating four pillars of Islam moderation into English language
teaching practices. It is argued that being conversant with such practical and cultural needs can be
a remarkable springboard to improve English instruction in the Islamic boarding schools during
and post pandemic era. With growing consciousness coming from this research, a multimodal
teaching material that accommodates the spirit of Islam moderation can be studied and developed
Keywords: digital literacy, Islam moderation, Islamic boarding school, multimodal material

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